10 Best Space Saving Solution

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If you're one of the nine out of 10 people in this country who complain they don't have enough space in their homes, DIY Network's 10 Best Space Saving Solutions is for you. In five half-hour specials, DIY Network offers tips on how to solve storage management problems by taking better advantage of your existing space.

Deejay Drawer

A recessed deejay station turns the tables on a crowded bonus room.

Kids' Cubbies 

Built-in nightstands and underbed drawers give these sisters ample storage.

Necessary Nook 

What better place for a storage nook than the unused area under a stairway?

Hideaway Hutch

A stylish hutch stores necessities for both the family and their dogs.

Recreation Recess

A neglected alcove provides perfect storage space for sports equipment.

Kayak Rack

Wall-mounted kayak racks free up valuable real estate on the floor.

Safety Storage

A gun-owner needs safe storage to keep his hunting gear away from his kids.

Corner Cupboards

Corner cabinets with embossed metal doors look like expensive built-ins.

Tower of Toast

A tower with swivel-out shelves is the perfect baking and storage center.

Simple Shed

Attached to the house, this shed has loads of space for outdoor equipment.

Motorized Craft Table

A motorized craft station in a table hides the mess when it's not in use.

Ultimate Truck Bed

A storage system utilizes the whole truck bed yet makes tools easy to find.

Storage Corridor

Wasted space between dormer windows becomes a kids' storage corridor.

Organizational Desk Design

This desk looks like a piece of fine furniture and has plenty of storage.

Laundry Station

This space-saving laundry room is packed with features but cost under $200.

Loft Office

This clever custom loft office goes above and beyond all expectations.

Pantry Upgrade

A plain closet gets a facelift and becomes a handy roll-out pantry.

Closet Dressing Room

The ultimate luxury -- a dressing room -- is a snap in this custom closet.

Family Office Nook

No room for a home office? No problem -- an office nook will work!

Baseball Card Cabinet

This recessed storage cabinet for collectibles knocks it out of the park!

Wine Cellar

An area under a long stairway provides space for a spectacular wine cellar.

Storage Shed

This handy garden shed is simple to build and frees up major garage space.

Building a Bed Cabinet

No room for a bed? Kits make short work of Murphy bed installation.

Kitchen Pass-Through

Load-bearing wall can't be removed? A pass-through could be the solution.

Artist's Table

A drawing table with custom storage can be functional yet attractive.

Living Room Facelift

Kitchen cabinets extend into the living room to provide seamless storage.

Attic Access

Adding attic access is an effective way to take advantage of unused space.

Kitchen Pantry Storage

Installing a much-needed pantry in this cramped kitchen is priceless.

Inset Cabinet

Using dead areas behind walls creates storage and opens up floor space.

Rotating Bookshelves

An unused, odd-shaped knee wall now houses custom rotating bookshelves.

Floor Storage Box

Need secret storage? Look down: There's plenty of room under the floor.

Wine Rack

A custom wine rack and entertainment cabinet is this home's party central.

Lazy Susan Storage

This bed with lazy Susan storage is just right for a first big-girl bed.

Hanging Storage Rack

Heavy sleeping bags get off the floor and onto hanging storage racks.

Kitchen Cabinet

Dinner table, computer workstation, art center: this structure multitasks!

Swing-Out Bench

A swing-out bench for garage storage leaves room for the car to get in.

Retractable Closet

If you have an attic, you just may also have room for a drop-down closet

Changing Table

A fold-away changing table equals extra space in the nursery for only $250.

Sport Stockpile Storage

A garage that's filled with sports equipment receives much-needed storage.

Wall-Mounted Art Portfolio

This recessed wall-mounted portfolio will store and display artwork.