Ellen's Design Challenge

By Karl Champley

So tonight is the premier of this awesome new show that I am proud to be part of! Airing on HGTV 9/8c.

There are 6 very talented furniture designers paired together with 6 talented master carpenters. I am very fortunate to have been paired with a fantastic, fun, sweet, out of the box furniture designer who I know will have a brilliant career! You will soon get to know Katie and how wonderful she really is.

There are two questions I am constantly asked: Did you win or where you eliminated? Cannot tell you or I will be shot :) and the other big question is: how is Ellen. Let me tell you she is just as you think she is, warm, smart and insanely funny in an intelligent way! She has an awesome team around her and I feel this is a very well run production that will achieve what it was meant to do - entertain in a tasteful way! Furniture design is something Ellen is very passionate about and you will soon be able to see why very soon!

The billboards are out and apparently there is one taking over Times Square.


The SIX master chippies (carpenters).

Five awesome and talented chaps. Not sure about the middle one in the white shirt :)


A very serious work shop moment!