How to remove paint the easy way!

By Karl Champley

As a Bernzomatic Torchbearer let me show you a short innovative video to how you can use a torch to easily remove paint from old metal door hardware - as long as its lead free. This is a great tool for paint removal on solid wood doors, solid wood cabinets and metal fittings.

Once a majority of the paint is removed, throw all of the metal fittings like hinges, handles etc. into a gallon of that black soda (no names mentioned :) for 24 hrs. Remove them, wipe them clean and they will look close to being brand new! A great way to use the old hardware that will also save time and money.

This is a sponsored post, though all opinions expressed are my own.

How to remove paint from door hardware

Uploaded by Karl Champley on 2015-07-23.