Lets save you some $$$ in the plumbing arena!

By Karl Champley

How to solder a copper pipe the right way.

As a Bernzomatic Torchbearer let me show you one of the advantages of using the TS 4000 torch.

There is a lot of knowledge to know about plumbing. However this demonstration will get you started and feel more confident about sweating or soldering a copper pipe. A guaranteed project you will use one day to fix a leaking copper pipe or you may wish add another hose bib or extend it to a more convenient location?

Having the right tools make all the difference when doing professional job. Its worth building up a small plumbing tool kit as well as a carry box with different fittings on hand to save that trip to the hardware store when you need them in an emergency. To get yourself set up is inexpensive & can save you big bucks - now your excited right. Your welcome to reach out to me if you need some advice when building up a tool box.

This is a sponsored post, though all opinions expressed are my own :)

This particular tool in this video is not to be afraid off! In fact its one to be excited about as there are many projects you can do with one of these!

See the Home Champ show you an easy DIY project using a torch that will save you money.