Working with metal

By Karl Champley

Many times when I am working with metal I like to use beeswax to seal & protect it if I need to maintain a natural metal finish.

This is a method that has been used for centuries. You will not have to climb trees and stick your hand in a bees nest to get the wax :) You can purchase it at hardware stores and online. Raw yellow beeswax is best.


Its an easy process and I personally love working with raw materials.

You first use a propane or map gas torch to heat up the surface evenly. You then apply the beeswax so its melts on the surface. The heat applied allows the wax to penetrate the steel, which seals the surface. The Bernzomatic trigger-start torch head makes this a safer process.


This process allows you to maintain that natural metal look.


This is a sponsored post from Bernzomatic but all thoughts and opinions are my own