Karl Champley's Tips on Stretching Your Dollar to Remodel Your Kitchen

"There are so many DIY projects we can all do ourselves to save money! The kitchen is such an important part of our home that if we can be involved in the process we will be able to stand proud as it will be the talking point for years to come. If some projects are above your skill level there are still many parts of the project you can still be involved in acting like demolition, preparation, or purchasing materials." 
– Karl Champley 

How to get more storage and counter space: A kitchen island will give more storage and prep space. Buying the island cabinets, and the labor to install it, including electrical, will cost around $2k.

The second thing you can do to get more storage space is extending the cabinets to the ceiling. You get a ton of extra storage space. The look of extending the cabinets to the ceiling will also give the illusion and feel of more open space in the kitchen. And, let's face it; no one likes having to dust above the kitchen cabinets. Updating the cabinets, new cabinet hardware, and materials and labor will cost around $2.5 - $3k. Updating Counter Tops: Go Quartz, not Granite! Granite is more expensive and a softer rock, and therefore may scratch more easily and is higher maintenance. I have a fantastic product called "Silestone" by a company called Cosentino, which is actually a quartz surface. It's stronger, is scratch & stain resistant and has the look of Granite. It is virtually indistinguishable from traditional granite, but much cheaper. Granite is $60 -$120 per square foot. Quartz Tops are $40 - $100 per square foot. Include the tiled back splash, which is another great DIY project, for an additional $100. Product and installation for the countertops will cost around $4k. 

Updating Flooring: I suggest going to Lumber Liquidators to buy the wood. Learn how to do the job yourself on the Lumber Liquidator website with their many educational tools. Doing the job yourself will save you money. If one were to hire a contractor, he or she would have to pay the contractor $8 - $12 a square foot. By doing it yourself, you will just pay for materials only from $2 - $5 sq, ft. It will cost $150 for renting a floor nailer and buying fasteners. Rent the floor nailer at your local ACE Hardware store; it's not worth buying that particular tool. New hardwood flooring for the kitchen will cost around $1k.

Update Paint: I suggest updating the look of your future new kitchen with a fresh coat of paint with ACE Hardware's Clark + Kensington line of paints. With it's paint-and-primer-in-one, Clark+Kensington is a great choice for getting the job done quickly. Paint and supplies will cost $150.

Renewing Your Kitchen with Karl Champley 

Karl Champley shares important tips on saving money while remodeling you kitchen. 

For more home improvement ideas, visit Karl Champley at <> & follow him on Buy his

Karl Champley shares important tips on saving money while remodeling you kitchen. 
For more home improvement ideas, visit Karl Champley at & follow him on Buy his