Sweet Site: Grant's Whisky Real Stories Contest Judged by Karl Champley - DIY Projects That Stand the Test of Time.

So you consider yourself a DIY buff and enjoy making over spaces? So what if someone paid you $10,000 for your great DIY project, would that make you smile? Us too, my too! That's why today's post is geared towards everyone that loves a good project. If you've ever reinvented/upcycled something, reinvented a space or room and wanted to gain some accolade and moolah, then you must enter Grant Whisky's Real Stories contest HERE <>. We submitted our dining room makeover project (vote for us HERE but we're awestruck by some of the other submissions (more on that way below) and ingenious DIY ideas. 

One thing's certain, you don't have to be quite as skilled as acclaimed DIY expert and judge, Karl Champley. He said he's mostly impressed with the ingenuity of some of the DIY submissions that take everyday items and put them to good use. A fallen tree, an old beater of a car...let your creativity direct you and get your hands dirty. The contest closes on April 30th so you don't have too much time. Make sure to click HERE on how to enter. Good luck, vote for us HERE and check out our recent skype sesh below with Karl. Thanks for your time Karl, it was great chatting with you. 

Psst - When you check out the video below, be prepared to turn it WAY DOWN when I'm talking and WAY UP when Karl is talking. This was my first attempt at using some freebie software to record a skype conversation and though I'm happy I got the footage, I'm not super impressed with the sound quality, obviously. I don't want you to miss a word that Karl says though so make sure to turn it up. He's so interesting and informative!

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